10 Tips for Fly-Fishing Small Mountain Streams

Written by: Jared Zissu

Even little trout can teach an angler important lessons on stealth and technique.
Photos by Jared Zissu

Although I have been struggling to catch trout on the Battenkill, my small-stream game has been improving. One thing that keeps me so motivated, focused, and seriously addicted to the sport. . .

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Pro Tips: 3 Ways to Deal with Casting in the Wind

To move your rod tip to the downwind side, don’t angle the rod across your body (left). Instead, just angle the rod so the tip is downwind.

In the mid 1990s, I spent a summer guiding on Alaska’s Copper River, which drains into Lake Iliamna. It’s a region known for constant, strong wind, so I spent a lot of time helping clients . . .

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Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Land, Revive, and Release Large Fish

While you’re taking a photo, the fish should be out of the water just a few seconds.
Photo courtesy ASF

Here’s a great lesson on how to land, revive, and release large fish. It was created by the Atlantic Salmon Federation and its partners in the Quebec government, so it’s focused on Salmo salar. But you can easily see how these techniques apply to. . .

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Pro Tips: Turn Yourself into a Hatch Detective

This smashed bug on the bumper of a car could be the key to success.
Photo by Phil Monahan

When there are bugs on the water, it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s hatching. All you have to do is collect a few insects, note their size, color, and silhouette, and then tie on your best. . .

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Video Pro Tips: How to Row a Driftboat

When you go on a float trip with a seasoned guide, maneuvering a drift boat may seem like an easy task. But if you’ve ever been behind the oars yourself, you know that it isn’t nearly as . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Infinity Tippet Knot

Here’s a new video that was mentioned in the comments section yesterday, purporting to demonstrate an “obscure” knot. I will admit that I have never seen the very simple tying . . .

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Video Pro Tips: Safe Wading Techniques

Falling down in shallow water can be a real drag, as well as painful. But losing
your footing in deeper water can have dire consequences.
Photo courtesy Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center

In today’s video Tuesday Tip from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, we discuss safe wading practices. With many people fishing in very cold water over the winter, and with the upcoming runoff season, it’s a good time to review. . .

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