Video: How to Tie the Speed Blood Knot

The blood knot is one of those fishing knots that many anglers struggle with, and over the years we've published videos to help. (Perhaps most popular has been the toothpick method.) Here, my fried Ross Purnell--editor of Fly Fisherman--demonstrates . . .
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Pro Tips: Tom’s 5 Tips for Preparing for a Bonefish Trip

If you want to improve your chances of catching bonefish, work on the required
casting and angling skills before you head to the tropics.
Photo by Sandy Hays
I’ve watched even experienced trout anglers become frustrated, angry, and even embarrassed on bonefishing trips because they weren’t ready for the wind, difficult fish spotting, and unfamiliar directions given by a guide. Just a little preparation will make your. . .
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Pro Tips: What Makes Good Stream Etiquette?

Written by: Bill Cairns
Bill Cairns was a pioneer in fly-fishing instruction and a Master Caster.
It used to be that most new fishermen were gradually introduced to the sport of fly fishing by a family member or friend who had a fishing background, and various rules of behavior would. . .
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Master Class Monday: When NOT to Use an Indicator

When you're drifting nymphs for fussy trout, sometimes it's better to remove an indicator. In this great video from Jensen Fly Fishing, Dave Jensen demonstrates how he finally hooked a wary trout . . .
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Video: How to Properly Catch and Release a Bonefish

Here's a great video from Bonefish & Tarpon Trust's Bahamas Initiative Manager, Justin Lewis, who explains why proper fish handling is essential to the survival of your catch and to the overall . . .
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Pro Tip: The ONE Thing You Can Do to Become a Better Fly Fisherman in the New Year

Written by: Kip Vieth, Wildwood Float Trips
You don't have to cast as well as the late, great instructor Bill Cairns. . . but it sure wouldn't hurt.
A year has ended and a new one begins. Like most people, I look back and reflect on what the previous year has taught me or what insights I might have gleaned from all my time guiding. I . . .
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Podcast: Landlocked Salmon, with Jeff LeBree

Jeff LaBree out on the water during the Maine summer. Photo courtesy Jeff LeBree
A number of listeners have been asking for a show about landlocked Atlantic salmon, and for that I can think of no one better than a native Mainer. Jeff LeBree has been fishing for “landlocks” in his native state for over 50 years, and for 17 of those . . .
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Videos: Getting Started in Fly Fishing, Parts I-III

If you or someone you know is taking up fly fishing for the first time--or returning after a long absence--check out this great new series from Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outiffters in . . .
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