Video: How to Make a Drop-Shot Nymphing Rig

Winter fly fishing means cold water and trout that don't like to move off the bottom much. A rig that keeps your nymphs deep yet avoids snags is just the ticket. In this video, Joe Rotter from Red's Fly Shop shows you how to create a drop-shot rig that uses a . . .
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Top 10 Winter Flies for Western North Carolina and East Tennessee

Written by: Brown Hobson, Brown Trout Fly Fishing
This winter rainbow came from the Wautauga River. Photo courtesy Brown Hobson
Winter fishing in the Southeast isn’t what it is in the rest of the country. We are blessed with average lows in the high 20s and average highs in the upper 40s. That still puts average water. . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Catch Big, Picky Trout

Here's a brilliant installment in the video series “The Bank” from Dave and Amelia from Jensen Fly Fishing. Here they offer a couple of important pieces of advice for fishing to picky trout, . . .
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Classic Pro Tips: 8 Must-Have Flies for Winter Fishing

Written by: The staff of Trouts Fly Fishing
Just a handful of staple patterns will get the job done during the winter months. Photo by Phil Monahan
We are very fortunate in Colorado that we have the opportunity to fish 365 days a year. And though we are now in December and it’s probably time to put away that hopper box until . . .
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Pro Tip: How to Book the Fly-Fishing Adventure That You Want

Tikchik Narrows Lodge in the Bristol Bay region of southwestern Alaska is one of many operations that offer a comfortable lodge, fine dining, and fly-out fishing. Photo courtesy Bud Hodson
Booking a trip to a place you’ve never been is a leap of faith—especially when there is a lot of money involved—but there are ways that you can protect yourself from making a bad decision. When I was a guide, I was constantly amazed by how few people . . .
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Video Tips: How to Fish Streamers Under an Indicator for Lethargic Trout

Dave and Amelia from Jensen Fly Fishing have released another episode in their video series "The Bank." We've discussed dead-drifting streamers before, but here, Dave explains how he . . .
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Classic Tuesday Video Tips: Spey Rods, Fly Speed, and Covering Water

The transition from a single-hand rod to a Spey rod requires some adjustments to your thinking.
Photo by Sandy Hays
In today's video Tuesday Tip from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, we offer a three-fer—three short videos that, together, offer some sound advice for those anglers who want to swing flies. . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Fish Wet Flies & Nymphs

Winter insect hatches are few and far between, so you'll spend most of the time fishing below the surface. In this great how-to video from The New Fly Fisher, Tom Rosenbuaer explains the basics of choosing and fishing subsurface patterns--both . . .
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