Pro Tips: Don’t Swing that Wet Fly

Wet flies, such as this Sparkle Soft Hackle, are more versatile than you may think.
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These days, classic wet flies are probably the most underused patterns in the average American fly fisher’s box. Trailing far behind nymphs, dry flies, and streamers in popularity, wet flies have the reputation of being for older guys or. . .

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Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival 08.28.15

Welcome to our latest edition of the Orvis News Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, featuring the best videos from around the world. This week, you’ve got a crop of 15 cool productions to choose. . .

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Video: Ted Williams and the Atlantic Salmon

Here’s a very cool piece of fly-fishing history found on Youtube: a 1960s production of “Ted Williams and Salmo Salar.” In this half-hour production distributed by Sears Roebuck & Co. . . .

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Video: What Would Hank Do? Episode IV, Pebble Mine Edition

Warning: Some folks may find this video offensive.

America’s most beloved fly-fishing guide has some rather strong and. . .um. . .unique opinions about the proposed Pebble Mine. As you might expect, he’s not shy about sharing them. Whether you agree with his. . .

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