Video: Stu Apte, Big Tarpon, and the Citrus Queen

Here’s a wonderful piece of archival footage featuring famous Florida Keys angler Stu Apte casting for big tarpon with a fiberglass rod. But he’s not in it just for the sport; no, he’s also trying to win the admiration of the Florida Citrus Queen, who is sporting a swell swimsuit. Check out the “rod stiffener” Apte threads into the butt section of his rod for more power. He lands two beauties here, but the editor has spliced in some shots of a real monster fish, as well.

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Video: How to Tie the Black Ghost Marabou Streamer

The addition of marabou gives this fly more lifelike action than the Carrie Stevens’s pattern.

I cut my teeth fly-fishing on Maine’s Rapid River for landlocked salmon and brook trout, and it was on that steep, tumbling freestoner that I first fell in love with traditional streamer patterns. Of course, the Rapid begins at Middle Dam, just a lake’s length from Upper Dam, the spot where Carrie Stevens invented her famous. . .

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Video: Hank Patterson Episode #7 on Essential Gear

The World’s Greatest Fly-Fishing Guide is back with more incredibly useful instruction to make you a better angler. . .and a better person. Hank Patterson and Crazy Reese let you know exactly what you need to get started in fly fishing, plus Hank offers important on-the-water tips on hook-setting and catch-phrase-creating. Sometimes I have to. . .

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Tuesday Tip: The Un-Swung Wet Fly

Wet flies, such as this Sparkle Soft Hackle, are more versatile than you may think.
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These days, classic wet flies are probably the most underused patterns in the average American fly fisher’s box. Trailing far behind nymphs, dry flies, and streamers in popularity, wet flies have the reputation of being for older guys or those not willing to sling two tungsten-beadheads and a Thingamabobber. But for hundreds, if not. . .

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Video: Jazz & Fly Fishing is Back, with “Trout Candy”

If you’re into something different—not your average F5 video—Jazz & Fly Fishing’s Håvard Stubø is here to help. From the no-look back cast to the (not recommended) trout-fly tongue flash at the end, “Trout Candy” serves up a fine serving of trout fishing mixed with the absurd. I love these guys.

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