Top 10 Dry Flies for June on the Madison River

Written by: John Way, The Tackle Shop

Guide Mike Elliott, who works for the author, releases a stunning Madison brown trout.
Photo by Tom Evenson

June in Montana is a special time—not quite summer yet, but not spring. It’s sort of an in-between time, when you can expect snow one day and 70 and sunny the next. An epic battle between. . .

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Video: How to Tie the The Easy Al’s Trico

It’s Trico time in much of the country, and fishing these tiny bugs (genus: Tricorythodes) can be frustrating, especially when the fish get selective. The late Al Miller fished the Tricos on Pennsylvania’s. . .

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Pro Tips: Chuck Hawkins’s Top 10 Michigan Flies

Written by: Chuck Hawkins, Hawkins Outfitters

Chuck Hawkins loves the variety of fishing opportunities in his native Michigan.
Photo courtesy Chuck Hawkins

Kirk Deeter, writer for the Field and Stream blog, once said that he believes that Michigan is the top fly-fishing state in the union. One of the main reasons he believes this is that tremendous diversity of. . .

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How a Fly Pattern Makes It Into the Orvis Catalog

Brillon doesn’t judge flies by their looks; he wants to know how they perform on the water.
Photo courtesy Shawn Brillon

“Here, I’ve got something to show you,” says Shawn Brillon, the man who chooses which new fly patterns will make it into the Orvis collection. “Wait until you see my most recent submission.”

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Video: How to Tie Craig Mathews’s X-Caddis

Because caddisflies tend to emerge very quickly, trout don’t want to expend too much energy chasing them. Instead, the fish focus on those emergers that are crippled or are struggling to escape the nymphal shuck. The X-Caddis, developed by. . .

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