How to Tie Steve Cobb’s Thanksgiving Turkey Fly

The author’s original pattern went viral on social media a few years ago.
All photos by Steve Cobb

Steve Cobb’s Santa Fly has been a favorite on this blog for a few years now, and he was kind enough to show us how to tie it a couple years ago. That post was such a big hit that I asked . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Sculp Snack

Written by: George Daniel

Our friend George Daniel put together this great video, in which he demonstrates how to tie one of his favorite streamer patterns, the Sculp Snack. Although the pattern looks complex, you’ll see . . .

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A Midsummer Trifecta of Fly Patterns

Written by: Ted Fauceglia

Tricos produce some of the largest spinnerfalls of the season.
Photos by Ted Fauceglia

If the fly fisher’s lexicon were ever available in written form, the unknowing reader would be amused, if not astounded, by the twisted definitions and associations fly fishers have ascribed to a certain . . .

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Video: How to Tie the Muskrat Nymph

Matching the hatch is the goal of almost every fly fisher, but sometimes a fly that doesn’t necessarily resemble anything (to us, anyway) is a consistent fish-producer. The Muskrat . . .

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Video: How to Tie Reece’s Rolling Stone

Throughout higher elevation freestone rivers and streams, various species of large stone flies serve as a significant food source for the trout that inhabit their waters. The life cycle of these. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Tie and Fish the Versatile DDH Leech

Written by: Stu Thompson

Stu Thompson with one of the many species caught on his DDH Leech.
Photo courtesy Stu Thompson

Fly tiers have come already come up with some truly amazing patterns that catch fish Consistently, such as the Mickey Finn, Muddler Minnow, Humpy, Adams, Dahlberg’s Diver, Lefty’s Deceiver, . . .

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