What is Fatwood?

Fatwood is a natural firestarter prized by homeowners, hikers, and backcountry survivalists. Fatwood lights readily and burns very hot—even in damp conditions. Whether it’s lighting up a cozy fireplace for the family during dinner, a woodstove that will heat the house all day, or a ring of stones around a fire pit for the evening … Continue reading “What is Fatwood?”

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What are Some of the Best Gifts for Men from Orvis?

Web Content Specialist Sarah Snell likes to buy her husband the Flat Creek Shirt “.

My wife is always complaining that buying gifts for men is really difficult. Unfortunately, she’s got a dad, three, brothers, and me to buy for.

“You can just get me jewelry, if you can’t think of anything else,” she argues. “There’s no equivalent for men.”

So I asked a few women in our office to see which Orvis products they’ve bought as gifts for the men in their lives, gifts that went over. . .

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