Morris Animal Foundation: Lucky 3,000

Chloe: Adorable #3,000 in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

The following post was sent to us by our friends at the Morris Animal Foundation, whose work is supported, in part, by the Orvis Cover Dog Contest:

When we started recruiting dogs for our Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – the largest and longest research effort ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs – we were just a little bit worried. We had a goal of enrolling 3,000 dogs to make sure the study was scientifically strong. But would that many Golden Retriever owners be willing to sign up for a study that required a commitment of, quite literally, their dog’s lifetime?…

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How Being in the Golden Retriever Study Has Made Me a Better Dog Owner

Written by: Kelly J. Diehl, DVM MS, Dipl. ACVIM (SA Internal Medicine)

Golden Retrievers are the focus of Morris study
Photo by Morris Animal Foundation

Susan Marie runs a small Golden Retriever rescue and says she’s been rescuing all kinds of animals pretty much since she could walk. Other than one recent 6-month period over the past 40 years, she says, . . .

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Meet Bran: A Beautiful Rescue Story Told in Photos

Bran getting his first bath—one of many to come—on the day he was rescued.
Photo via reddit

Recently, reddit user “personalhale” posted this remarkable photo essay about a dog he rescued and adopted. There’s no need for me to summarize or embellish the story, just click the link below and follow the images from the. . .

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