Video: Hero Dog Saves Drowning Baby Bird

How cool is this? After seeing a baby bird struggling to stay afloat in a Connecticut lake, Jax the Black Lab swam out and saved the little guy. I wonder if he would have done the same if. . .

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Video: Dog Saves Deaf Boy from Fire

A young Indianapolis boy may owe his life to the family’s two-year-old pit bull, Ace. Nick Lamb, who is hearing-impaired, was sleeping without his cochlear implants, when he felt Ace licking his face. Ace had smelled smoke coming from the garage and refused to. . .

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Vote for Your Favorite Hero Dog for 2014!

Photo via facebook

Each year, the American Humane Association recognizes the country’s hero dogs in eight categories: Law Enforcement & Arson Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Military Dogs, Guide Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Hearing Dogs, and Emerging Hero Dogs (the category for. . .

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Video: Family Adopts Fallen Son’s Military Dog

Dino and Staff Sgt. Christopher Diaz in Afghanistan.
Photo via

Here’s a touching story of how the family of a fallen Marine is reconnecting with their son by adopting the bomb-sniffing dog who was with him in Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Christopher Diaz was. . .

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War Dog Helps Family Cope with Their Loss

Eli, a black Lab, comforts Kathy Rusk at the Texas gravesite of her son, Marine Lance Cpl. Colton Rusk.
Photo by Adam Ferguson, National Geographic

Here’s a sad, yet touching story from National Geographic. After Marine dog handler Lance Cpl. Colton Rusk was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, his family learned of the bravery that Colton’s partner—a Black Lab named. . .

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Video: Hero Dog Alerts Blind Man to a House Fire

Jack alerted Charles Kennedy to the fire in his home by licking his face
Photo via KHOU

There are lots of stories about dogs “saving” folks from house fires by barking. I sometimes wonder if the dogs are simply barking the equivalent of, “OMG! The house is on fire! Let me out!” But Jack the dog didn’t panic when a. . .

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Video: Hero Dog Calls 9-1-1 and Helps Save Owner

Major did as he was trained and alerted help.
Photo by via

Here’s a wonderful story about a service dog who performed flawlessly in a crisis. When Terry McGlade suffered a seizure in the backyard of his Zanesville, Ohio home, his dog Major pulled the cellphone from Terry’s pocket and. . .

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Video: Dog Guards the Body of His Owner in the Colorado Woods

Marlene Blake says she knew Buddy would not leave her husband’s side.
Photo via

Earlier today, we posted the story of a dog named Cooper, who protected a lost toddler during a thunderstorm. Now we bring the heroic tale of Buddy, who stayed with the body of his owner, 81-year-old Robert Blake, after Blake suffered a. . .

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