Old Dog Walks Three Miles to Find His Owner Missing in the Washington Landslide

Despite his infirmities, Boomer overcame the pain, as his desire to find his master was powerful.
Photo via lifewithdogs.tv

Here’s an ultimately tragic story that speaks to the incredible loyalty and love that dogs are capable of. When 15-year-old Boomer was found wandering around the rubble of the tragic slide in Oso, Washington, rescuers assumed that. . .

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Video: Iraq Vet and the Dog He Served with Are Reunited

Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson and Robby together in the war zone.
Photo via myfoxtampabay.com

Here’s a wonderful, short video that shows the moment that Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson was reunited with the dog he served with, Robby. Simpson retired last year, and Robby continued. . .

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Video: Man Says Dog Saved His Life After Seizure

We post a lot about the great and often heroic acts of service dogs, but it’s always wonderful to find a specific, personal story to drive the point home. Tim Mullen, of Ventura, California, has suffered from . . .

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Video: Hero Pit Bull Mix Literally Drags His Owner from Burning Home

I’m always a little wary of “dog saves homeowner from fire” stories because such tales usually come down to a dog simply barking, which wakes the owner. What dog isn’t going to bark if his house is on fire? But Forest, a Pit Bull mix from California, went above and beyond the. . .

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