Video Update 2: Hero Dog Haus Goes Home!

After a week when things were really touch-and-go for Haus, the dog who saved a little girl from a rattlesnake, has finally recovered enough that he can go home. This report from Fox13 in. . .

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Former “World’s Ugliest Dog” Wins Hero Award

Mugly has been a champion before, for his looks. Now he’s being honored for his deeds.
Photo via facebook

Back in 2012, a Chinese Crested Dog named Mugly won the annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in California. But Mugly’s life story is much more interesting than that. Abandoned by a. . .

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From Shelter Dog to Search-and-Rescue Hero

Los Angeles County fire captain Andrew Olvera and his K-9 rescue partner, Stetson.
Photo via

Stetson was one of those dogs that shelter workers worry about: he was adopted and then returned to the shelter because he was unruly, skittish, and ran away a lot. Oftentimes, . . .

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Sent Out to Pee, A Dog Ends Up Saving a Life

John Paul Roccaforte poses with Marley, who is credited with saving a lost hiker.
Photo by John Paul Roccaforte via

Last month, Flagstaff, Arizona, was in the midst of an early morning snowstorm, when John Paul Roccaforte’s dogs required a bathroom break. Izzy and Marley ran outside to answer nature’s. . .

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Video: Family Dog Helps rescue Toddler Lost in the Woods

He may be small, but Banjo has a big heart.
Photo via

A three-year-old boy trying to follow his dad wandered into the woods behind his Virginia home, leading to a widespread search. Mason Ryan wasn’t rescued until 3 a.m., and it was thanks to. . .

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U.S. Marine Dog Receives the UK’s Highest Award for Valor

Lucca, with Gunnery Sergeant Willingham, is the first US Marine Corps dog to receive the PDSA Dickin medal.
Photo courtesy PDSA/PA, via

A 12-year-old female German Shepherd Dog named Lucca—who took part in more than 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and who lost a leg in action—has been given the highest . . .

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