How To Choose the Best Dog Collar

Above all, your dog’s collar needs to fit correctly, but to choose the best dog collar, you also need to consider your dog’s lifestyle and your own. For instance, if your dog is an active swimmer, a nylon dog collar would be a better choice than a leather dog collar, as the former is easier to clean and dries quickly. In addition to collar materials, the closures (like buckles and clips) on collars can play a large role in determining which collar is best for your dog — if you need to remove your dog’s collar regularly, a plastic clip closure will be much more convenient than a belt-buckle-style closure. Taking a step back and determining what features you want in a collar…

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Podcast: Your Questions and an Interview with Joey Maxim

This week we have a full Fly Box (the only way to be at the beginning of the season!) and cover topics that range from how to store leaders, to figuring out stream depths, to safe handling of fish in cold water, to fishing streamers with switch rods. And lots more. I even try to answer the question of whether I’d prefer to have six less expensive fly rods or three top-of-the-line ones. That question caused me some soul-searching, and I waffled a. . .

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Learn to Fly Fish FREE at Fly Fishing 101

It’s that time of year again! Fly fishing is a sport the whole family can participate in, and the free FF101 classes taking place at Orvis Retail Stores are the perfect way to get started.

If you’ve already completed Fly Fishing 101, you’re ready for the next step. Join us for a short outing on local water for a chance to catch your first fish! A nominal fee for the outing may apply.

Click here for information on dates, locations, and signing up.

Have you or your friends benefited from FF101 classes? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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