Video Pro Tip: How to Make a Water Haul Cast

Welcome to another installment of “Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor,” with me, Peter Kutzer. In this episode, I demonstrate how to make a water haul, which uses the water tension and the force of the current on your. . .

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Video Pro Tips: Safe Wading Techniques

Falling down in shallow water can be a real drag, as well as painful. But losing
your footing in deeper water can have dire consequences.
Photo courtesy Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center

In today’s video Tuesday Tip from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, we discuss safe wading practices. With many people fishing in very cold water over the winter, and with the upcoming runoff season, it’s a good time to review. . .

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Tuesday Tip: Head for the Hills During Runoff

Written by: Ryan McSparran, Peak Outfitter Marketing

Alpine lakes can provide excellent fishing when rivers are high from runoff.
Photos courtesy Ryan McSparran

Summer is almost here, and it doesn’t take long for the fishing to heat up here in the Flat Tops Wilderness, Colorado’s second largest wilderness area. Almost as soon as the ice clears from . . .

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Classic Tip: How to Untangle Knots in Your Leader

The wind did it.

Fly fishermen are masters of euphemism when it comes to tangled leaders. “Oh, look. I’ve got a wind knot,” an angler will say on the even the most flat-calm day.  Sorry, my friend, but. . .

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Video: How to Find Good Fishing Close to Home

Not all of us are lucky enough to live within a few miles of a famous fly-fishing spot on the Madison, the Delaware, or in salt water. And even if you are a few hours from great fishing, you may not. . .

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