Video: How to Tie the Ray Charles Sowbug

The Ray Charles Sowbug has been around for at least a couple decades and is a staple on Western tailwaters, especially the Bighorn and the Missouri. There are tons of variations of. . .

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Podcast: 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Fly-Tying When I Started

On the podcast this week, I am all by myself. It’s a topic I’ve been asked to address before and didn’t require a special guest. It’s entitled “10 Things I Wish I had Known About Fly Tying When I Started,” and although fly-tying is a never-ending journey, I thought I would share some. . .

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Material of the Week: Realistic Tungsten Beads

Written by Shawn Brillon

These killer new beads are both heavy and realistic-looking.
All photos via

Do you really need realistic beads to tie effective nymphs for trout? Of course not. Will you want some of these? Probably. Fly tying is about a lot more than just creating flies to catch. . .

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Photos: Learning to Tie Flies at Work

Written by: Haley Pinsonneault

Orvis associate Haley Pinsonneault shows off the first two Woolly Buggers she ever tied, with a little help.
Photo by Tom Rosenbauer

While fly-fishing is a major part of the Orvis culture, I have never felt much of an urge to pursue it in any way during the almost two years that I have worked at the company. That is until Tom . . .

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Tom’s Fly of the Week: Bissett’s Cajun Crustacean

Capt. Lucas Bissett has thought long and hard about the way to present a crab pattern to redfish.
Photo courtesy Lucas Bissett

I periodically get to chase redfish, and although I almost always tie flies before a trip, I always make the mistake of figuring that my bigger Bahamas-type bonefish patterns will. . .

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Video: How to Tie the Cable Tie Craw

Crayfish are important items on the menus of big trout, largemouth bass, and smallmouths, and there are lots of patterns out there to imitate these crustaceans. By now, fans of. . .

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