Podcast: Five New Year’s Resolutions for Every Wingshooter

Reid Bryant and Van Goghtake a break during a hunt in Argentina.
Reid spends a few minutes reflecting on 2017, and offering some thoughts for 2018. With this, he shares 5 New Years Resolutions that are applicable to every wingshooter, from gun main . . .
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Podcast: Gun Fit, Hunting without a Dog, and Other Questions

In his latest podcast, Reid answers some recent listener questions addressing gun fit, picking a preserve, hunting without a dog, and assessing cover.
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Podcast: The Life Cycle and Habits of the American Woodcock

American Woodcock Scolopax minor, Parc-nature de la Pointe-Aux-Prairies, Montreal, Canada. Photos by guizmo_68 via Wikipedia, via CC BY 2.0 license
In his latest podcast, Reid speaks with Al Stewart, Wildlife Biologist and Upland Gamebird Specialist and Program Leader for Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Al describes the life cycle . . .
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Podcast: The Role of Sage Grouse in Conservation Efforts

Ed Arnett explains the importance of the sage grouse to our concept of the West. Photos via facebook and trcp.org
In his latest podcast, Reid spends some time with Ed Arnett, Senior Scientist for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. Ed and Reid discuss the role sage grouse play in the . . .
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Podcast: Getting Started in Upland Bird Hunting

Reid Bryant and Collins take a break below a good piece of cover.
Photos by Phil Monahan
In response to several listener emails, Reid spends an hour discussing how to get started in bird hunting. Using his own experience as a point of reference, he offers several tips on how one can. . .
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Podcast: Charley Perkins on Waterfowling and Lessons from a Life in the Outdoor Industry

Charley Perkins poses with his grandfather and outdoors mentor, Leigh Perkins, in Arkansas.
In his latest podcast, Reid spends some time with Orvis Hunting Product Developer Charley Perkins. Charley discusses his passion for waterfowl hunting, his innovations in hunting products, and . . .
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Podcast: How to Buy Your Dream Shotgun, with Greg Carpiniello

The Orvis Gun Room in Manchester, VT.
In his latest podcast, Reid chats with Greg Carpiniello, Orvis Gun Room Manager, based in Manchester, Vermont. Orvis began selling guns in the early 1970’s, when we introduced the . . .
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Podcast: The History of the Public-vs-Private Land Debate with Sam Lungren

Reid speaks with Sam Lungren of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, a conservation group working on land-use policy and access to public lands. Sam describes a bit of the history of public land . . .
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