Podcast: “Bright Lights, Big Weather”

The story of a long-ago rain-soaked trip to Alaska, “Bright Lights, Big Weather” was written for an e-book put out by the bloggers at Mouthful of Feathers. It is a bit of a contemplation on bird hunting, ego, and why we sometimes care how we are perceived by the people around us.

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Podcast: On a November Morning

In early November Reid reflects on what his fall has looked like and what remains. He shares a reflection about food, hunting, land, and childhood. With hunting seasons in full swing, it is a time to appreciate the gifts that hunting gives us! . . .

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Podcast: Something Old, Something New

Reid reflects on the changing face of upland hunting, lost friends, getting older, and opportunities to connect more immediately with listeners. Another solo podcast, this one culminates in the reading of an essay titled “Something Old, Something New,” . . .

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A Good Season Passed

Depending where you live in the country, hunting season stretches from September to March. For me, hunting season represents the culmination of months of preparation by the hunter and handler, and there is no more . . .

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Developing My Written Histories in “The Gun Dog Notebook”

Written by: Durrell Smith

My Gun Dog Notebook is filled with the stories and memories of my days afield, following behind my young Labrador retriever, Ruger.
Photo by Josh Same

Roughly 20 minutes before writing this article, I was on the phone with a living legend by the name of Bud Moore. Now, before I proceed, I have to acknowledge what an honor and a privilege it was to be on the phone with a guy that won his first field . . .

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Orvis Turkey Pool: And the Winner Is…

The Amazing Jody Frederick
Photo by Orvis

The 2014 Orvis Turkey Pool wrapped up on Saturday, May 31, bringing to a finish a month of fierce competition and camaraderie. The results are in…

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A Tale of Two Girls, Two Turkeys, and a Cow

Written by: Nathan Diesel, Orvis Leawood

These beautiful twin girls were on the author’s mind while he was in the turkey woods.
All photos courtesy Nathan Diesel

Our twin daughters came early and, for me, spring turkey season came late. Don’t misunderstand. Having twin daughters trumps a good turkey hunt any day of the week, but I will admit that I was more than happy when my wife told me that. . .

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