Podcast: The Finer Points of Picking a Pup with Tyla Kuhn

Reid joins Tyla Kuhn of Sunsage Sporting Dogs to discuss the health and genetic testing criteria and standards that should accompany a new puppy. Tyla, a longtime breeder of both English Cocker Spaniels and German Shorthair Pointers, explores . . .

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Podcast: In Memoriam – Leigh H. Perkins, Sr.

In reflecting on the passing of Leigh H. Perkins, Sr., Reid shares a story he wrote about the legacy of the Perkins family, and the history of Orvis under their ownership. This story, first published in Covey Rise Magazine (Dec/Jan 2017) was the result of . . .

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Podcast: Firing Pins Explained with Del Whitman

In this podcast, Reid and Del Whitman of D.C. Whitman Custom Gunsmithing go deep on the firing pins, discussing function, failures, and the related fixes. This podcast fleshes out a collaborative article the duo wrote for an upcoming issue of . . .

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Podcast: Go West, Young Man

In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid describes his recent hunting experiences and takes a moment to reflect on the season that has passed. He also provides some new ways to . . .

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Pro Tips: Kansas Prairie Chickens in September

Written by: Edgar Castillo

A Male greater prairie chicken always keeps a wary eye on his surroundings.
Photo by GregTheBusker, via Wikimedia CC BY 2.0

To most wingshooters, the allure of hunting prairie grouse includes breathtaking landscapes and wide, open spaces. Once numbering in the millions across several states, prairie chickens have . . .

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