Trout Bum of the Week LXVII: Phoebe Bean

Phoebe Bean with a gorgeous Bitterroot brown caught last fall. Photo courtesy Fiona Bean
Phoebe Bean was an intern here at Orvis in the fall or 2014, and she has written a bunch of posts for this blog. (Scroll to the bottom for a full list.) As you’ll read, she caught the fly-fishing bug. . .
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Pro Tips: How to Make a Downstream Dry-Dropper Presentation to Wary Trout

Written by: George Daniel, Livin On The Fly
Silver Creek guide Taite Pearson has stopped his rod high and then pulled back the tip to remove the slack. Photos by George Daniel
Trout streams are like humans: every one has a different personality. Some are overly friendly, and some would like to kick you in the head. Idaho's Silver Creek is often the latter. The key is to . . .
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Trout Bum of the Week XLVI: Jennifer Cornell

Reel Women's Jennifer Cornell shows off a gorgeous Patagonia brown trout. Photos courtesy Jennifer Cornell
Jennifer Cornell is a co-owner of Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures, a guiding operation run by women anglers. (Her partner is Lori-Ann Murphy.) From June through October, Jennifer. . .
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Video: “Das Fischer,” and Dreams of Idaho Trout

Let me say right up front that this is one of my favorite fly-fishing films of all time. And that's saying something. As curator of the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival and The Tug, I probably watch more . . .
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Photos: A Steelhead Engagement in Idaho

Written by: Andrew Thomas, Picabo Angler
Whitney Holts is all smiles, as she shows off a very meaningful Idaho steelhead. Photos by Andrew Thomas
In March, I proposed to my girlfriend of six years, Whitney, on the banks of the Salmon River in Idaho. I had been telling her for some time--only partly tongue-in-cheek--that she would get a . . .
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Classic Photo Essay: Maturing as an Angler

Written by: Hannah Perkins
Hannah Perkins with a gorgeous spring creek cutthroat. Photo courtesy Hannah Perkins
When I first started fishing without anyone to tie on my flies or anyone showing me where to cast and when to mend, my mission was to just catch one fish on my own. Any fish would do. When that became a reality, fishing became a. . .
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Photos: Father-Son Time in Idaho

Writteh by: by John Herzer, Blackfoot River Outfitters
Young Dawson rocked the cutthroats all day. Photo by John Herzer
I took a half day off and ran over to Idaho with my son, Dawson. (You may remember his video lesson on double-hauling a couple of years ago.) He caught a pile of cutties, and I pinned. . .
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Tuesday Tips: Top 10 (+1) Flies for the South Fork Snake River

Written by: Jaason Pruett, The Lodge at Palisades Creek
Matt McDonald (left) caught this 29-inch monster on a Sex Dungeon streamer, with the author. Photos courtesy The Lodge at Palisades Creek
The South Fork of the Snake is an extremely productive fishery, offering native Snake River cutthroats, rainbows, cutt-bows, and browns. We often catch fish over 20 inches, but most. . .
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