Pro Tips: How to Choose the Right Fly-Fishing Kayak, Part I

Written by Damon Bungard, Jackson Kayak

Choosing the right kayak for your style of fishing requires a series of important decisions about style and features.
Photos courtesy Damon Bungard

If there’s one question I hear more and more these days, it’s “Which kayak is right for me?” With the explosion in popularity of kayak fishing and myriad of products now available on the market, . . .

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Photos: Overnight Kayak Trip in the Florida Keys

A pair of 8-pounders—one bonefish, one redfish—make for a killer double for Chris and Dan.
Photo by Chris Lewis

[Editor’s note: Chris Lewis of the Skinny Water Culture blog sent me these photos in an email, along with a note.] 

Here are a few shots from an overnight paddle trip in the Keys I did with a couple buddies. I was on my SUP, and they were on kayaks. The weather and fishing were phenomenal. We even had shots at. . .

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