Photos: Western Montana Fishing is Warming Up!

Writteh by: by John Herzer, Blackfoot River Outfitters

Dawson Herzer (left) and his buddy JJ have been enjoying the fine western Montana weather.
All photos by John Herzer

After a serious head start on winter, both in cold temps and snowpack, Western Montana has warmed up. The past couple of weeks of above-average temperatures and atypical high pressure along, with its bright sun, have freed the local rivers from ice. Typically, just a few days of sun. . .

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Photos: Skipping School for Trout

Written by: Cameron Mortenson, The Fiberglass Manifesto

Orvis Superfine Glass 5-weight, CFO III fly reel, a flat-brim lid, and a smile.
All photos by Cameron Mortenson

As plans were coming together for last week’s fly-fishing film event in Asheville, North Carolina, I figured it would make the day really worthwhile if I spent some time fly fishing while up there. Since my nine-year-old daughter Hadley has been. . .

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Photo of the Day: Casting-Lesson Carp

Written by: John Carpenter, Orvis Sandanona

Young Oliver started his fly-fishing career with a bang.
Photo by John Carpenter

Here at Sandanona, we’ve had this grass carp that no one has been able to catch, despite many attempts. But young Oliver, here, caught this formerly uncatchable beast while. . .

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