How to Remove a Tick

Though you may be vigilant and take every precaution before heading out, both you and your beloved canine are likely to collect a few ticks while spending time outdoors. Ticks don’t often begin their meal right away, so they may not be attached or have bitten you when you discover one on yourself or your dog. If the tick has already attached, you should follow these steps to…

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Are Ticks Active in Winter?

An adult eastern deer tick, one of the prime vectors of Lyme disease.
Photos courtesy the United States Department of Agriculture, via Wikipedia

Yes—ticks are active in winter, but their abundance and exploits are tied closely to the temperature. When it’s around the freezing mark, you won’t likely run across ticks when you go hunting or hiking with your dog. But when temps rise just above . . .

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Lyme Disease in Dogs

By: Amber Roberts

Is your dog suddenly sleepy or lethargic more often?
Photo by Kris, Yukon

Canine Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, is a concern for many dog owners. Lyme disease diagnoses have been on the rise since it was discovered, . . .

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