Into the North Maine Woods, and Into the Past

We were about four hours into an all-day hike, fishing our way upstream on a gorgeous brook-trout and landlocked-salmon river in a remote corner of Maine’s Baxter State Park, when guide Jeff LaBree stopped next to a seemingly uninteresting stretch . . .

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Classic Story: The Doc, the River, and Lessons Learned

Although I had been a fisherman since early childhood, I didn’t learn to fly-fish until I was in graduate school at the University of New Hampshire in the late 1980s. My older brother, Brian, lived nearby, and he taught me to cast one chilly January day in . . .

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Libby Camps, Day Two: The Dream Stream

Our second day at Libby Camps in the Maine North Woods dawned clear and calm, perfect weather for a short flight and a long day on the water. After flying the guides and gear over to a lake at the western border of Baxter State Park, lodge owner and . . .

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Libby Camps, Day One: Into the Woods

Back in the fall of 2019, I was lucky enough to visit Libby Camps with my friend and colleague Reid Bryant for a season-straddling trip featuring three days of fishing and two days of grouse hunting. It was a glorious time to be in the North Maine Woods, and . . .

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Classic Podcast: Landlocked Salmon, with Maine Guide Jeff LaBree

Jeff LaBree out on the water during the Maine summer.
Photo courtesy Jeff LeBree

A number of listeners have been asking for a show about landlocked Atlantic salmon, and for that I can think of no one better than a native Mainer. Jeff LeBree has been fishing for “landlocks” in his native state for over 50 years, and for 17 of those . . .

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#MomentofChill 11.25.19: Acadia Natives

The Atlantic coast of Maine is a harsh environment for a brook trout, yet these hardy natives have existed in the streams and ponds of Acadia National Park since the last ice age. Brook trout require cold, clean well-oxygenated water to survive, and . . .

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A Father’s Legacy in the Remote Maine Woods

Written by: Matt J. Libby, Libby Camps

Matt P. Libby shows off a gorgeous Maine landlocked salmon.
Photo via Facebook

What do you say about growing up with a living legend? I say that a little in jest, but it’s true. Orvis lifetime achievement award, Legendary Maine Guide Award, Maine Tourism Hall of Fame . . .

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Photo: Last-Cast Brookie of a Lifetime

Written by: Will Lillard, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Will Yantis refused to give up on his dream of landing a huge Maine brook trout.
Photo courtesy Will Lillard

When Will Yantis signed up for the 2018 Maine Teen Fly-Fishing Expedition (his fourth trip with us), he had one thing on his mind: redemption for the brook trout of a lifetime he had lost on the same . . .

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Photos: Monster Native Brookies of Maine

Written by: Bill Walak

There aren’t too many places left in the U.S. where you can catch natives of this size.
Photos by Bill Walak

Maine and an Orvis Superfine Glass 5-weight. This is what dreams are made of. Maine is one of America’s last strongholds for native Eastern brook trout, and to see these fish reach this size is . . .

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