Trout Bum of the Week LII: Chuck Hawkins

Although brown trout and steelhead are Chuck’s maine quarry, he loves fly fishing for anything that swims.
All photos courtesy Chuck Hawkins

Chuck Hawkins is the owner of Hawkins Outfitters, in Traverse City, Michigan. He has been fly fishing for more than 45 years and guiding for half that. He and his wife, Cherie. . .

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Photos: Reports from Beaver Island, a.k.a. Carp Mecca

Shawn Combs has a religious moment with a Beaver Island carp.
Photo by John Arnold; photo illustration by Jared Zissu

Life in the fly-fishing industry can be pretty hectic. We all love to go fishing on our days off, but we don’t often get a chance to spend time with others in our industry. When Cameron Mortenson, . . .

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Video: The Golden Chrome in the Midwest

The profile page for Shire Life Boys, who made this great video, says they’re from Maryland, but they clearly fish in northern Indiana and southern Michigan, based on the action here. Videos. . .

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