U.S. Marine Dog Receives the UK’s Highest Award for Valor

Lucca, with Gunnery Sergeant Willingham, is the first US Marine Corps dog to receive the PDSA Dickin medal.
Photo courtesy PDSA/PA, via theguardian.com

A 12-year-old female German Shepherd Dog named Lucca—who took part in more than 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and who lost a leg in action—has been given the highest . . .

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Video: Veteran With PTSD Reunited With Military Dog

David Pond hugs Pablo, the military working dog he served with in Afghanistan.
Photo courtesy David Pond, via nbcnews.com

We have posted many times about the intense bond that can form between a military dog and his handler. Lance Cpl. David Pond and his military working dog, Pablo, served together in. . .

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Monument to War Dogs to be Dedicated on Veterans Day

The monument to war dogs and their handlers will be dedicated during a ceremony today.

We have posted many times about the bravery and loyalty exhibited by military war dogs over the past hundred years. . .as well as the failures of humans to care for these dogs after their. . .

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Video: A Stirring Final Tribute for a Military Dog Wounded in Battle

Canvas and Russ Moseley suffered life-changing injuries from a bomb blast in 2011.
Photo via ktbs.com

We post often about the incredible bravery and loyalty of military working dogs (MWD), and here’s a touching story of one community who repaid that service in kind. Canvas the Black Labrador . . .

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