Book Excerpt: A Fly-Fishing Expedition in Mongolia

When we reach the pool where, several years ago, a Mongolia River Outfitters guest landed a fifty-five-inch taimen, I beach the kayak on a gravel bar, rig a nine-weight rod, and tie on a streamer fly nearly as long as my forearm. Although the expedition . . .

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Pro Tips: What Makes a Good Fly for Taimen?

Taimen may technically belong to the trout family, but they certainly don’t act like it. You won’t find these fish lazily sitting on the bottom waiting for a caddis to roll by, or daintily sipping size 22 Tricos from the surface film. . .

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Photos and Story: Into the Heart of Remote Mongolia

Last month, I hosted an expedition trip to a river in northwestern Mongolia with Fish Mongolia and four other anglers. (The outfitter does not want to name the river to protect it from overfishing.) This was an experienced group: everyone had . . .

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Video: Chasing Giant Taimen in Mongolia

Check out this cool video about a Mongolian adventure to catch monstrous taimen on remote headwaters. The fish are enormous, the strikes savage, and the scenery spectacular. These fish . . .

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Photos: An Epic Float Trip for Mongolian Taimen

Written by: Alex Gray

MRO guide Peter Fong and the author show off a fine Mongolian taimen.
Photo by Bob Cosgriff

[Editor’s note: Alex Gray recently enjoyed an excursion down an unnamed Mongolian river with Mongolia River Outfitters–chasing taimen, amur trout, and lenok, with even a few amur pike thrown in–and sent in this trip report. As a conservation-oriented operation, MRO chooses not to name the rivers they fish.]

When I told people where I was headed, the response was either, “Mongolia? Isn’t forty a little young to start working on the bucket list?” or something to the effect that, “Mongolia for. . .

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Preserving Mongolia’s Taimen Fishery for the Future

Written by: Peter Fong, Mongolia River Outfitters

Taimen anglers are passionate about preserving habitat and promoting catch and release.
All photos courtesy Mongolia River Outfitters

One of the many benefits of longer-term commitment is the chance to be part of a deep-rooted success. Way back in 2008, when the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), RARE, Nomadic Journeys, . . .

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