Photos and Story: Into the Heart of Remote Mongolia

Last month, I hosted an expedition trip to a river in northwestern Mongolia with Fish Mongolia and four other anglers. (The outfitter does not want to name the river to protect it from overfishing.) This was an experienced group: everyone had . . .

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Video: Chasing Giant Taimen in Mongolia

Check out this cool video about a Mongolian adventure to catch monstrous taimen on remote headwaters. The fish are enormous, the strikes savage, and the scenery spectacular. These fish . . .

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Photos: An Epic Float Trip for Mongolian Taimen

Written by: Alex Gray

MRO guide Peter Fong and the author show off a fine Mongolian taimen.
Photo by Bob Cosgriff

[Editor’s note: Alex Gray recently enjoyed an excursion down an unnamed Mongolian river with Mongolia River Outfitters–chasing taimen, amur trout, and lenok, with even a few amur pike thrown in–and sent in this trip report. As a conservation-oriented operation, MRO chooses not to name the rivers they fish.]

When I told people where I was headed, the response was either, “Mongolia? Isn’t forty a little young to start working on the bucket list?” or something to the effect that, “Mongolia for. . .

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Preserving Mongolia’s Taimen Fishery for the Future

Written by: Peter Fong, Mongolia River Outfitters

Taimen anglers are passionate about preserving habitat and promoting catch and release.
All photos courtesy Mongolia River Outfitters

One of the many benefits of longer-term commitment is the chance to be part of a deep-rooted success. Way back in 2008, when the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), RARE, Nomadic Journeys, . . .

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Video: Pushing the Limits in Mongolia

Here’s a fascinating video, from filmmaker RA Beattie, that explores the taimen fishery and culture in Mongolia. Instead of focusing on the trophy nature of the fishery, Beattie instead explores the growing. . .

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