Trout Bum of the Week XXXIX: Lisa Savard

A fishing guide for more than two decades, Lisa Savard now shares her knowledge with others.. Photo by Tim Savard
Lisa Savard runs Savard Hospitality Consulting, along with her husband Tim, from their home alongside Rock Creek near Clinton, Montana. Before they moved out West in 2014, Lisa and Tim owned and operated Lopstick Lodge & Cabins in Pittsburg, New Hampshire for. . .
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Vote to Protect Clean Water and Ensure Responsible Mining in Montana

On Election Day, November 6, Montanans will have the opportunity to make a powerful statement in support of clean water by voting YES on I-186, known as the Requirements for Permits and Reclamation Plans of New Hard Rock Mines Initiative. If . . .
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Pro Tips: Fishing Yellowstone National Park in October

Written by: Brian McGeehan, Montana Angler Fly Fishing
The crowds are gone in October, but the trout are on the move. Photos courtesy Montana Angler
October is when we really see the seasons shifting here in Yellowstone Country. While we typically get at least some warm, Indian summer days, chilly weather and sub-freezing mornings . . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Fish from a Drift Boat

Last week, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions headed out to the Yaak Valley--near Troy, Montana--to visit Tim and Joanne Linehan of Linehan Outfitting Co. Our two favorite Tims together at last!
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Trout Bum of the Week LXVII: Phoebe Bean

Phoebe Bean with a gorgeous Bitterroot brown caught last fall. Photo courtesy Fiona Bean
Phoebe Bean was an intern here at Orvis in the fall or 2014, and she has written a bunch of posts for this blog. (Scroll to the bottom for a full list.) As you’ll read, she caught the fly-fishing bug. . .
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Videos: Three Terrific Patterns for “Trico Time”

Tricos (genus: Tricorythodes) provide some of the best late-summer action on the Battenkill, so here are three killer patterns from Tightline Productions. (And don't miss the fabulous. . .
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Top 10 Flies for Fall in Missoula, Montana

Written by: John Herzer,  Blackfoot River Outfitters
John Herzer celebrates a nice fall trout with a client. Photo courtesy John Herzer
The rivers around Missoula, Montana--Rock Creek, the Big Blackfoot, the Bitterroot, and the Clark Fork--are already showing signs of the changing seasons. Shorter, cooler days are keeping . . .
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Photos and Story: Learning the Ropes in Yellowstone

Written by: Will Bayha
Will and Bridgit in the Lamar River canyon, in Yellowstone National Park. Photos courtesy Will Bayha
When I first heard about the Orvis 50/50 On the Water campaign, I loved the idea to inspire and celebrate women in fly fishing. I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do with my girlfriend, . . .
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