Photos: “Indian Fall” in the Madison River

Written by: Josh Berry, Lone Mountain Ranch

George Pierce and Clinton Walker celebrate another Madison rainbow brought to the net.
All photos courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

What do you call it when an Indian Summer continues into December? I’m not sure that there is a name for the unseasonable weather we have been experiencing here in Big Sky, perhaps an Indian Fall, but to the dismay of all of the ski bums in town, the warm weather and. . .

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Photos: Teaching the Kiwis How to Fly Fish in Montana

Written by: John McKinnie, Lone Mountain Ranch

Gwyneth’s big brown elicited a big smile, as well.
All photos by John McKinnie

Even though New Zealand is world famous for fly fishing, not everyone who is from there, or who has called the islands home, has tried their hand at the sport. Over the last eight months, I have been. . .

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Photo Essay: A Week at a Montana Guide School

Written by: Oliver Streuli

This 19-inch cutthroat too the author’s Sparkle Dun on Slough Creek.

I have no intentions of guiding professionally and all I really hoped to get out of this were some enjoyable experiences and improved fishing skills, and my expectations were exceeded. Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge is situated on the shores of a scenic lake full of of fat rainbows, cutthroat, and. . .

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Video: Hoppers and Streamers on the Bighorn

This video from Waist Deep Media has a silly title, but it’s jam-packed with action. Montana’s Bighorn River has a reputation for being absolutely on fire some days, and these guys clearly hit one of those magical day when fish would. . .

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