Trip Report: A Youth Adventure into the Yellowstone Backcountry

Written by: Will Lillard, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Max with one of the Yellowstone cutthroats that fell for our foam salmonfly imitations.
All photos courtesy Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

[Editor’s note: Will Lillard leads fly-fishing trips for adolescents through his Orvis-endorsed Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions. Here’s his report from the recent Yellowstone-area trip. For more information, visit his website.]

It is hard to believe it but our 2014 Yellowstone Adventure has come to an end. The last 15 days have been full of great fishing, new friendships, and memories that will last a. . .

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Video: A Swampdonkey in Montana

Here’s a fun look at some of the killer trout fishing around southwestern Montana, featuring a couple of very good boat dogs. The folks at Swampdonkey Productions need to up their. . .

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Video: Last Cast on Lost Creek

Sometimes, when I’m doing the research for the Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival, I ask myself, “Is there really anything new, or has everything in fly-fishing video been done?” Then I see. . .

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Photo of the Day: Sandy Strikes Gold!

Written by: Josh Duchateau, Firehole Ranch

Sandy is all smiles, as she shows off a sweet Montana golden bone.
Photo by Josh Duchateau

My wife, Sandy, landed this carp at Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana. (Which is kind of exotic for us, since we do not have carp in the Greater Yellowstone area.) Carp are called “golden bonefish” because they are pursued visually in. . .

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Bonus Video: Wander, Late April on the Bitterroot

This fly-fishing film was shot over the last four days of April in Missoula, Montana. According to filmmaker Joe Cummings, the spot, stalk, and catch of the brown trout at the end was real, difficult, and rewarding. He says that. . .

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Photos of the Day: Pre-Season Guide’s Day Out

Written by: Alicia White, Firehole Ranch

Guides like to do some fishing of their own before the real season starts and they just get to watch.
Photo courtesy Ryan Tomczyk

This is the time of year when guides have more time to fish before they are consumed with guiding, and the guys from Firehole Ranch are making the most of it! They are also loving. . .

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