Going Lead-Free is for the Birds

At Orvis, we see guides as more than just providers of a good day on the water or in the field. Guides are the trusted authorities, the people who dedicate days, months, and years (in and out of the season) to developing a relationship with both the . . .

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Podcast: The Road Less Traveled, with Tim and Joanne Linehan

Reid speaks once more with his friends Tim and Joanne Linehan of Linehan Outfitting in Montana’s Yaak Valley. Tim and Joanne tell the story of building an outfitting business, and a life, in one of the most remote parts of the Lower 48. A bit about the . . .

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Podcast: Hunting in the Yaak, with Tim Linehan

Outfitter Tim Linehan joins Reid from the remote Yaak Valley of northwestern Montana to discuss wild places and wild birds. Tim and Joanne Linehan have been operating a hunting and fishing business, . . .

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Photos: Ever Seen a Chocolate Grouse?

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

The brown feathers on the grouse’s ruff was quite distinct.
Photos by Tim Linehan

This past fall, I had a client knock down this ruffed grouse. Notice that it literally has a chocolate ruff and tailband. I’ve seen in my entire life. I posted the photo on Instagram wondering if any other . . .

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Pro Tips: Hold the Line While Grouse Hunting

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

Grouse hunting with friends is a blast, but safety must be your paramount concern.
Photo by Mary Beth Monahan

From New England to Michigan and across to Montana, grouse hunting is all about being in the bush. Grouse coverts are particularly thick and sometimes difficult to navigate. Terrain, . . .

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