Trout Bum of the Week XXXIX: Lisa Savard

A fishing guide for more than two decades, Lisa Savard now shares her knowledge with others.. Photo by Tim Savard
Lisa Savard runs Savard Hospitality Consulting, along with her husband Tim, from their home alongside Rock Creek near Clinton, Montana. Before they moved out West in 2014, Lisa and Tim owned and operated Lopstick Lodge & Cabins in Pittsburg, New Hampshire for. . .
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“Trickle Treat,” by William G. Tapply

Written by: William G. Tapply
A tiny stream that holds native brookies is a secret to keep. Photo by Zach Matthews
After living most of my life within earshot of highway racket, where city lights blot the stars from the night sky, I finally did it. I bought a little farm on a dirt road in the New Hampshire hills. My new . . .
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Classic Photo: A Beast from the East, But Do You Know What It Is?

That's a trophy fish anywhere in the world, but it came from New Hampshire's Connecticut River. Photo courtesy Lopstick Outfitters
Greg Inglis—who guides at Lopstick Outfitters in Pittsburg, New Hampshire—sent in this photo of a serious slab he caught while stripping streamers below Murphy Dam, on the Upper. . .
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Trout Bum of the Week LXXIII: Bill Bernhardt

The fertile waters of the Upper Connecticut River produce some fine brook trout. Photos courtesy Bill Bernhardt
Bill Bernhardt is head guide at Lopstick Lodge Outfitters in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, and he has fished in the Granite State most of his life. However, he has also guided in Chile and cast flies . . .
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The Answer to Our Fish-Identification Contest

Image via NH Fish and Game
Last Thursday, we posted the above photo of a huge fish caught by Greg Inglis—who guides at Lopstick Outfitters in Pittsburg, New Hampshire—on the Upper Connecticut River. We asked . . .
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Story: Hardware, Hornbergs, and the Meaning of “Home”

Written by: Jon Tobey
There isn't much in the fly bin, but Jon's favorites are there, as promised. Photos by Jon Tobey
I left my Seattle suburb—where the Fourth of July seems to be all about people bitching about their neighbors on Facebook—to head back to New Hampshire, where all of those differences . . .
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The Crotchtown Chronicles, a Homecoming

Written by: Jon Tobey
The Pemigewasset (left) and the Winnipesaukee (right), join to form the Merrimack River in Crotchtown. Photo courtesy Google Maps
Last summer, I made my annual trip home for the 4th of July. My parents recently moved to Franklin, New Hampshire—once called “Crotch Town” because two rivers, the Pemigewasset. . .
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Video: Live Free and Fish in the Great North Woods

If you ask folks from across the country to tell you one thing about my home state of New Hampshire, the most common response is "Live Free or Die," the motto emblazoned on every Granite State license plate. The Division of Travel and Tourism has. . .
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