Photos of the Day: Drunk and Disorderly Pike

Written by: Kubie Brown, Orvis Manchester

Kubie Brown is all smiles, as he holds a 40+-inch northern pike from Upstate New York.
Photos courtesy Kubie Brown

Every year, I head up to the Adirondacks with my brother and my buddy, Justin, to hunt the ponds, lakes, and rivers of the region for big post-spawn northern pike. In the past, we’ve found that. . .

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The Upper Delaware River Needs Our Help!

The trout of the Upper Delaware will test all your angling skills.
All photos courtesy Ty Patton

The Delaware River system is famous for its world-class trout fishing, but with the continued very low water and high air temperatures, things are getting a bit desperate. The long-term. . .

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Photos of the Day: A Swymphed-Up Steelhead

Written by: Kubie Brown, Orvis Manchester

When the water is low and clear, you need to rethink your tactics, and Kubie Brown’s idea to swing nymphs paid off.
Photo courtesy Kubie Brown

On my day off last week, I saw that the weather was going to be in the high fifties. I was feeling frisky after the long winter, so I drove up to the Salmon River hoping to use my new switch. . .

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Photos: Great Lakes Steelhead and Old Man Winter

This male steelhead slammed a slow swinging angel hair streamer with a white marabou tail.

I recently scouted eight streams in preparation for my upcoming guide trips, which had to be rescheduled due to very late spring runs of steelhead. We are expecting huge pods of. . .

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Photo of the day: Steelhead from Above

Written by: Alberto Rey

This unusual perspective on a steelhead is all about the spots.
Photo by Alberto Rey

I had a good friend come down from Vermont last weekend. He had turned me on to fly fishing a long time ago, and I took the day off from guiding so we could spend some time. . .

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Video: Autumn Tailwaters Trailer

I’ve always thought that great cinematographers were the kind of people who could film anything, anywhere and still tell a great story. I am not one of those people. I tell stories about the things I love. In fact, I often think that. . .

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