Stalking the One That Got Away on the Battenkill

What better feeling is there than finally catching a fish that has haunted you for a month? Meet Tethys.
Photo by Mike Valla

Local angler Mike Valla, who fishes the Battenkill mostly across the border in New York, recently spent almost a month trying to get another shot at a big brown that had pounded a Warden’s Worry bucktail but then got away. Mike nicknamed the. . .

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Video: Hardcore Mousing on the Delaware with Joe D

When you think Catskills, you think slender, sparse dry flies and delicate presentations. So what happenes when a couple of guys decided to throw only mice for a couple of days? Check out this cool video, featuring. . .

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Photos: Back to the Beaverkill for Brown Trout

Written by: Jerry Plaaten

The author and his friend discovered that the Beaverkill still fishes as well as they remembered.
Photo courtesy Jerry Plaaten

My friend Bill Gunn and I are displaced Connecticut natives now bogged down in Florida. Our first love is still trout fishing, and we have been making yearly pilgrimages northward. Last year, rather than going to Pennsylvania, I suggested that we go back to. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Spin Fisherman Turns to the Fly

Written by: Jim Wallace, Store Manager, Orvis Rochester

Curtis Luster already looks the part, though he’s been fly fishing only a few months.
Photo courtesy Curtis Luster

Curtis Luster began shopping our store shortly after we opened. Though he was a big spin fisherman, Curtis knew little about fly fishing. He participated in a Fly Tying 101 class during the winter and. . .

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Photo of the Day: Sam’s Big Brown, Part III

Fishing a river in Upstate New York, Sam Brown scored big in tough conditions.
All photos by Shawn Combs

It’s no mystery why our colleague Sam Brown, a financial analyst, likes to fish with head of Orvis Rod & Tackle Shawn “Diddy” Combs. Each spring, Sam goes on a float trip with Diddy, and over the past three years he’s. . .

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A Westerner Masters Eastern Ways at the 2014 “One Bug” on the Delaware

Written by: Jess McGlothlin

This Montana girl was able to streamer up an award-winning brown trout during the One Bug over the weekend.
Photo by Scott Noyes

I’m a Montana kid. That’s the long and short of it. In January, when I moved to Vermont to work with Orvis, I knew I’d miss my home rivers. That was a given. And it was a long, cold winter. There have been a. . .

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Photos of the Day: Easter Sunday Float Trip

Written by: Jeremy Kehrein, Orvis Adventures

Orvis’s Reed Kennedy took the first trout just twenty minutes into the float.
Photo by Jeremy Kehrein

It has been a week since trout season opened in Vermont. Unfortunately, we have endured rain, snow, high water, and cold air temps since Opening Day. There hasn’t been much bug activity as of yet, but some of us. . .

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Orvis Trout Bum of the Week XXVI: Alberto Rey

Alberto Rey shows off a Great Lakes king salmon.
All photos courtesy Alberto Rey

Alberto Rey is an Orvis-endorsed guide, an artist, and a faculty member in the Department of Visual Arts and New Media at the State University of New York at Fredonia. He also works with children through the. . .

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Tuesday Tip: The Right Gear for Great Lakes Steelhead

Written by: Jim Lampros, Fishing Manager of Orvis Cleveland

The author shows off a big Great Lakes steelhead, as his fishing buddy looks on.
Photo courtesy Jim Lampros

The rise in popularity of the Lake Erie steelhead fishery over the last decade has been well deserved. Erie and her tributaries unequivocally offer the best chance, be it East or West, for an angler to get his or her steelhead fix. The availability of public access, the proximity of. . .

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