Video: Operatic Fishing in New Zealand’s Mackenzie Basin

There's lots to like in this video from DM Wong, including stunning scenery, beautiful trout, slow-motion cinematography, and a soaring soundtrack. Shot in the Mackenzie Basin, which is in. . .
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Video: Rain or Shine in New Zealand

Angler Andrew Harding–a.k.a. troutboynz–made a day trip into the stunning, lower North Island backcountry with his pal Dan Thomas and got more than he bargained for. Although the forecast called . . .
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Video: Finding Clear-Water Trout in Murky Conditions

Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing in Alberta, have produced another episode in their "The Bank" series of instructional videos. Here's Dave's description: . . .
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Video: “End of a Chapter” in New Zealand

For the past couple years, Traveltruly’s Matt Butler has put together a year-end video highlighting some of his fishing adventures as a guide on New Zealand's South Island. This one is fun, . . .
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Video: Small-Stream Trout on the South Island

Check out this great, short video from Dawn Till Dusk, about a trip into the backcountry of New Zealand's South Island to chase brown trout in the sweetest meadow stream you've ever . . .
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Video and Photos: An Epic Small-Stream Battle

After a tough battle that requires serious concentration, Amelia was all smiles. Photo by Dave Jensen
The day started with a five-hour drive down island and a stop to stock up on supplies before made our way to a piece of water to fish. We have a tendency to pack our days full. Every year . . .
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Video and Photos: A Father-Son Trip to New Zealand

Written by: Alberto Rey
Diego Rey shows off a gorgeous South Island brown trout. Photos by Alberto Rey
My 16-year-old son, Diego, and I arrived on New Zealand's South Island in late November, which is the equivalent to our spring. It was one of those rare circumstances when everyone said that . . .
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Video: Welcome Back to New Zealand!

Every year, we try our best to get to New Zealand. For 11 years running, we’ve done just that. Travel is long: from Alberta, we take a cab, a bus, and three connecting flights, followed by pick-up in . . .
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