Video: “End of a Chapter” in New Zealand

For the past couple years, Traveltruly’s Matt Butler has put together a year-end video highlighting some of his fishing adventures as a guide on New Zealand’s South Island. This one is fun, . . .

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Video and Photos: An Epic Small-Stream Battle

After a tough battle that requires serious concentration, Amelia was all smiles.
Photo by Dave Jensen

The day started with a five-hour drive down island and a stop to stock up on supplies before made our way to a piece of water to fish. We have a tendency to pack our days full. Every year . . .

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Video and Photos: A Father-Son Trip to New Zealand

Written by: Alberto Rey

Diego Rey shows off a gorgeous South Island brown trout.
Photos by Alberto Rey

My 16-year-old son, Diego, and I arrived on New Zealand’s South Island in late November, which is the equivalent to our spring. It was one of those rare circumstances when everyone said that . . .

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Video: Welcome Back to New Zealand!

Every year, we try our best to get to New Zealand. For 11 years running, we’ve done just that. Travel is long: from Alberta, we take a cab, a bus, and three connecting flights, followed by pick-up in . . .

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Video: A Year of Trout Fishing in New Zealand

In anticipation of the upcoming trout season in New Zealand (which doesn’t open until October 1), Traveltruly’s Matt Butler has put together a cool video” to reflect on what was a great 2016/17.”

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Video: “The Way Life Is Meant To Be”

One of my favorite things about Dave and Amelia Jensen is that–after spending years guiding and three months every year catching huge fish in New Zealand–they have not become even a . . .

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