Classic Photos and Essay: A Montana Boy Tries His Hand in New Zealand

Written By: Thayer Janes

Thayer Janes found that his Montana skills required some tweaking to fool New Zealand trout.
All photos by Thayer Janes

I once had a friend tell me after a long, unfortunate day of fishing, “Pal, that’s why they call it ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching.’” Well, it seems like I have been saying those words far too often here in. . .

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Classic Video: Bad Weather Back Country

This is hardly a high-quality video production, but the locations and the trout more than make up for any technical deficiencies. Two anglers head deep into the New Zealand backcountry in. . .

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Video: “Beeps in New Zealand”

When I first saw the title of this video from EffectFly, I didn’t understand what it meant. But 28 seconds in, all becomes clear. I love it when anglers show the bad and the ugly along with. . .

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