Trout Bum of the Week LXXII: Matt Butler

The annual cicada hatch is a big deal in New Zealand because it brings the biggest fish to the surface.
Photo by Jakub Kanok

Matt Butler is a passionate angler and guide based in Wanaka, New Zealand. He has been fly fishing for trout over half of his life and at 24 decided to enter the guiding industry to help. . .

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Discovering a Saltwater Flats Fishery in the Land of Trout

Written by: Anton Donaldon,

Who knew that New Zealand could provide incredible shots at kingfish on the flats?
Screen cap from “King of the Flats” by Aussie Fly Fisher

The town of Collingwood lies two-thirds of the way across Golden Bay heading West. It is a two-hour drive from Nelson and pretty much the end of the road in the northwestern corner of the. . .

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Classic Photos and Essay: A Montana Boy Tries His Hand in New Zealand

Written By: Thayer Janes

Thayer Janes found that his Montana skills required some tweaking to fool New Zealand trout.
All photos by Thayer Janes

I once had a friend tell me after a long, unfortunate day of fishing, “Pal, that’s why they call it ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching.’” Well, it seems like I have been saying those words far too often here in. . .

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Classic Video: Bad Weather Back Country

This is hardly a high-quality video production, but the locations and the trout more than make up for any technical deficiencies. Two anglers head deep into the New Zealand backcountry in. . .

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