Video: Exploring New Water in New Zealand

Here’s a great new video from New Zealand, in which an angler heads south on the South Island to explore new water, fighting through some tough conditions before finally striking gold on. . .

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Video: Frontside Fly in New Zealand

If you enjoy watching huge trout eat dry flies, then you’re going to dig this latest video from Stefan Agren of Frontside Fly. While the video is new, the footage is from a few years ago. Still, it’s. . .

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Photos: New Zealand’s Monster Brown Trout

Written by: Patrick B. Blackdale, Willowfly Anglers

The depth of body on some of the New Zealand fish is astonishing.
Photos by Dylan Rome

Here are some awesome photos from our guide Dylan Rome from his adventure in New Zealand last winter. Dylan has been guiding for Willowfly Anglers for four years. Despite being young, . . .

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Video: Bad Weather Back Country

This is hardly a high-quality video production, but the locations and the trout more than make up for any technical deficiencies. Two anglers head deep into the New Zealand backcountry in. . .

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Video: Backyard Browns in New Zealand

Andrew Harding (a.k.a. “troutboynz“) usually shoots in the New Zealand backcountry, but this video offers a glimpse at a fishery much closer to home (although calling it an. . .

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Video: Trout Unchained—the truth told

It’s always great to run across a video in which the filmmaker went out of his way to create something different. In this video shot on the gorgeous rivers of New Zealand, Norwegian. . .

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