Video: How to Tie the Glitter Bug

A variation on the traditional Bomber, the Glitter Bug was first tied by Danny Bird of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, back in the 1990s. It’s a pattern that can be fished both dry and wet, which means it’s useful in a variety of conditions. And . . .

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Video: How to Fish for Atlantic Salmon

A trip to cast for Atlantic salmon is a bucket-list item for many fly fishers. But it’s a completely different game from the trout fishing you may be accustomed to. In this excellent video from The New Fly Fisher, Bill Spicer covers all the essentials to . . .

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Photos: The Atlantic Salmon of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula

Written by: Scott McEnaney, Eastern ELOG Director

All the salmon landed by the author took dry flies off the surface.
All photos courtesy Scott McEnaney

Occasionally I get to escape and head north rather than south. Since I live in Vermont, that is not usually the case, but in this case I was given a reprieve from heading to the “more. . .

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