3 Tips for Catching Great Lakes Steelhead This Fall

For many fly anglers, fall brings a chance to fish for migratory species, particularly steelhead. Here in the Great Lakes region, we dutifully watch the weather, hoping for just the right conditions: rain, cooler temps, and overcast skies. We live for those . . .

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Photos: New Traditions in Steelhead Alley

Written by: Tom Revis, Fishing Manager at Orvis Westlake

They don’t call it “Steelhead Alley” for nothing, you know.
Photo by Tom Revis

March is peak steelhead season here in northeastern Ohio, and a few good friends were ready to make the annual trip up north. Braving inclement and unpredictable weather, we planned the . . .

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Video: Strippin’ Mad Browns

Although we get plenty of photos from the region, I sometimes feel like the Midwest gets short shrift in the video world, so I am always excited when I run across something good. This. . .

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Video: Fly Ohio—Mad River Fields

When you’re listing off fly-fishing states, Ohio comes pretty far down—probably not even in the top half. But there are passionate fly fishers everywhere, and most folks are fond of their. . .

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