Photos of the Day: Winter Rainbows on the Metolius

The Metolius rainbows are colorful and fine-spotted.
Photos by Brian O’Keefe

For a couple of decades, Brian O’Keefe was one of the sport’s premier photographers, but now that he’s retired, he spends more time actually fishing. Yesterday, he sent me these great images, . . .

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Photos of the Day: Two Big Ones from the Metolius

The rainbows of the Metolius are known for their stunning colors.
Photo by Brian O’Keefe

I got a great email from my friend, Brian O’Keefe yesterday, which contained these photos. O’keefe has been one of fly fishing’s top photographers for more than two decades, and he. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Fat Rainbow on a Chubby Chernobyl

Written by: Damien Nurre, Deep Canyon Outfitters

The rainbows on the Deschutes love the big bugs!
Photo by Damien Nurre

Stonefly season is winding down on the Lower Deschutes, and it was a good one. Trout were keying into the adult salmonflies and golden stones, hammering any well placed fly under the trees. This fish was caught on a Chubby Chernobyl in. . .

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Photo of the Day II: Klamath River Rainbow

Written by: Darren Roe, Roe Outfitters

Bill Rowe (no relation) looks pretty excited about this fat, wild rainbow.
Photo by Darren Roe

High water and poor weather can slow down the early season fishing in many parts of the country, but Bill Rowe show us that Southern Oregon’s early season fisheries are off to a strong start! Bill used a. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Salty Fresh Oregon Chinook Salmon

This chrome Chinook fell for a size 6 Clouser Minnow and put Marz’s 10-weight H2 to the test.
Photo courtesy Brian Marz

Orvis-endorsed Oregon guide Brian Marz, who is now also the Fishing Manager at Orvis Portland Store, send in this picture of a beautiful king salmon, clearly fresh from the salt, taken on a Beaver State coastal river. Marz estimates that the fish was just under 20 pounds.

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Video: Outta Town Brown Trout

Here’s some great stuff from the waters of Oregon, where the Kids with Sticks get into some serious brown trout. But they don’t just focus on success, and you’ll see some reactions and facial expressions that might seem eerily familiar if you’ve ever lost a big one.

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