Photos and Story of An Amazing Catch: Sturgeon on the Fly

Carp are certainly cool, but a sturgeon on a fly is downright amazing.
photo by Mark Vandehey

[Editor’s Note: Oregon angler “John Montana,” who runs the Carp on the Fly blog sent me these amazing photos and the story behind them today. All I can say is “Wow.”]

On Sunday, I was on the flats chasing carp with my buddies David Nakamoto and Mark Vandehey (the man behind the camera), when a good day quickly turned into an. . .

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Photo of the Day: The Nunya River Rendezvous 2003

PNW Rendez 03

The annual March rendezvous on the Nunya River in Idaho, circa 2003.
photo by Earl Harper

Many of us have been meeting to fish together for over 30 years. We’ve rendezvoused on the Green, San Juan, and Crowsnest rivers, to the Blackfoot and Crowley Lakes, and now we meet yearly on the Nunya* River in Idaho. Dick Dahlgren, on the far right, built the cabin from three turn-of-the-century abandoned cowboy cabins that he found, photographed, numbered, tore down, and re-assembled as one. He has since. . .

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