Breaking: The EPA Blocks Pebble Mine Development!

Today–after 13 years, 7 public input periods, and more than 4 million comments of support–the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a final determination under the Clean Water Act 404(c) that prohibits mine waste from being disposed of in . . .

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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 10.13.21

As most anglers know by now, it was a tough year for anglers and trout in Montana. Soaring temperatures and low water made for difficult conditions, and most guides and fly fishers went out of their way to ensure that they treated trout as carefully as . . .

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UPDATE: Pebble Mine Rears Its Ugly Head Again

The past couple weeks have been full of important developments in the fight to stop the proposed Pebble Mine, which would endanger important, pristine wildlife habitat in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Especially threatened would be the world largest wild-sockeye-salmon run, which depends on clean water and undisturbed streams in the region. Here’s a rundown of recent … Continue reading “UPDATE: Pebble Mine Rears Its Ugly Head Again”

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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 05.29.19

We don’t often post Hollywood Reporter stories on the Orvis Fly Fishing blog, but this one made us take note. While on a break from filming his latest movie, Michael Keaton–star of many films, as well as the . . .

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What’s in the Pebble Mine Plan That’s So Troubling?

Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana. This is significantly smaller than the tailings pond proposed at Pebble, which would sit at the headwaters of Bristol Bay.

News that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released its Draft Environmental Impact Statement relating to the proposed Pebble Mine raises the important question “Why are we so opposed to the plan?” In a great article from Save Bristol Bay . . .

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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 09.05.18

The 37-page report is already generating controversy.

Welcome to the latest installment of the Wednesday Wake-Up Call, a weekly roundup of the most pressing conservation issues important to anglers. Working with our friends at

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