5 Tips for Shallow-Water Permit

Permit are difficult–but not impossible–to catch on fly. They have big eyes, are more wary than bonefish, and are pickier than tarpon. There are numerous anglers who spend years in their quest to catch their first permit. These. . .

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Photos: A Travelin’ Man’s Belize Grand Slam

Getting the permit to the boat first was a great kickoff to a memorable day.
All photos courtesy Tom Gordon

Australian reader Tom Gordon sent in the three pictures that capture his recent Belize saltwater Grand Slam, along with a note: “Wind has been blowing a gale all week, but we decided to roll the dice and go out today in 20 knots and plenty of. . .

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Video: Killer Fly-Fishing Mixtape from Cuba

Apparently, these are the outtake scenes from a video of a trip to Cuba by the folks at The Fly Fishing Nation. These are some pretty damned good scenes to end up on the cutting room floor. I’m glad that they decided to scoop them up and edit them together.

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Photos of the Day: The Monsters of St. Brandon’s Atoll

Dave hoists an Indo-Pacific Permit, also known as the snub-nosed pompano.
All photos by Christiaan Pretorius 

Orvis vice chairman Dave Perkins and his wife Nancy Mackinnon recently took a trip to St Brandon’s Atoll off Mauritius, where they were hosted by FlyCastaway. As you can see, they had an. . .

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