Video: Stormy August Session for Redfish in the Grass

Here’s some killer foul-weather footage from the South Carolina Low Country, where redfish cruise in the grass, their tails poking above the surface. Just because it’s gray, windy, and raining doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be out there trying to. . .

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Photo Essay: Overnight Kayak Trip in the Florida Keys

A pair of 8-pounders—one bonefish, one redfish—make for a killer double for Chris and Dan.
Photo by Chris Lewis

[Editor’s note: Chris Lewis of the Skinny Water Culture blog sent me these photos in an email, along with a note.] 

Here are a few shots from an overnight paddle trip in the Keys I did with a couple buddies a few days ago. I was on my SUP, and they were on kayaks. The weather and fishing were phenomenal. We even had shots at. . .

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