Video: Rescuing a Dog Dying of Mange

Here’s an astonishing video from Animal Aid Unlimited, India, which starts with images of a stray dog clearly on death’s door. What happens over the next few minutes will amaze you, and . . .

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Video: Unlikely Best Friends

It’s no coincidence that this video, which tells the story of Chance and his new family, is sponsored by Kleenex. . .because you’re probably going to need one by the end of it. After losing the use. . .

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Essay: Was It Love at First Sight with Your Rescue Dog?

Toby and Margot Ahlquist traveling to Martha’s Vineyard two years after the adoption.
Photo via

When you bring a new dog into your home, you’d like to think that you fall in love with him or her immediately. But, as Margot Ahlquist admits in a compelling essay on, things. . .

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Video: Inmates Save Dogs from Death Row

James Dulaney, a prisoner in the program, with one of his dogs.
Photo via AP

We’ve posted before about dog-training programs in prisons, where inmates are rewarded for good behavior with a chance to interact with a dog. For many of these inmates, their relationship with the dog is a vital connection to the outside world. For the dogs in Arkansas’s. . .

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