“Fospice” Gives Terminally Ill Shelter Dogs Chance at a Happy Ending

Biscuit, a hefty 13-year-old Pit Bull, found a loving home for his final days.
Photo via goodnewsnetwork.org

Here’s a beautiful story about a program that helps to find short-term forever homes for terminally ill shelter dogs, where they can live out their final days surrounded by love. Foster Dogs NYC. . .

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Shelter Dog Helps Autistic Boy Connect with His Mom

Denise Landaverde, an adoptions specialist at the Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center in Los Angeles, introduces Joey to Roxy the dog.
Photo via today.com

Here’s a beautiful story about how a teenage boy with autism learned to enjoy hugging and kissing his mother through the love of a shelter dog named Roxie. Joey Granados used to loathe. . .

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Petfinder: A Rose by Any Other Name…

A Sweet Little Rosebud
Photo by Fluvanna SPCA

Rose and her sister Blaze were only about six weeks old when they were found as strays, and brought to the Fluvanna SPCA in Troy, VA. The street is no place for little ones! Although they were sweet and affectionate, it’s hard to put your best paw forward when you’re covered with fleas and ticks! But their luck was about to change…

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A Beautiful Tribute to a Loving but Troubled Dog

Anne Wheaton and her beautiful but difficult dog, Riley.
Photo via annewheaton.com

Anne Wheaton is an actress/hair stylist/blogger who is also a well known dog lover. Recently, she had to say goodbye to the oldest of her three dogs, and the tribute that she has written about. . .

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