Video: Dilila’s Incredible Intercontinental Rescue Story

Here’s a wonderful video that follows a German Shepherd from the streets of Taiwan, where she was dumped after outliving her usefulness as a breeding dog, to a loving home in California. It details the efforts of a remarkable Taiwanese rescue organization and an American group that brings dogs across the Pacific to. . .

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Rescue Dog Returns the Favor, Saves Owner’s Life

Chloe’s quick action saved Chuck’s life
Photo by TribLive

Chuck Weintraub has dedicated his life to rescuing dogs, but he never imagined that one day these pups would rescue him. While home alone last Wednesday, Weintraub collapsed in heart failure. Sensing the imminent danger, Weintraub’s 1-year-old pup Chloe raced down. . .

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Video: Eldad Hagar Rescues Three Abandoned Dogs

Here’s another wonderful video from Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, although this one has a somewhat bittersweet ending. Three Chihuahuas, abandoned and shot by a BB gun, are living in a drive-through parking lot until Eldad comes along. Working with rescue organization Wags and Walks, he is determined to find these beautiful dogs a. . .

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After a Spending Her First Year as a Stray, “Girlie the Power Plant Dog” Has a New Home

Girlie spent the first year of her life living at Exelon power plant in Dallas, Texas.
Photo by Dogster

After spending the past year living as a stray at a Texas power plant, a dog named Girlie has finally found a forever home. A beautiful, one-year-old mixed breed, she spent the first 12 months of her life scavenging around an Exelon facility in Dallas. That’s where Kara Corn, a plant employee, spotted Girlie, and she quickly. . .

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Video: Wheelchair Dog Has a Blast at the Dog Run

Here’s a great video of a disabled dog named Oscar Madison who doesn’t let his wheelchair get in the way of a good time. Oscar was rescued after being abandoned on the streets of New York City. He was scheduled to be euthanized, when a. . .

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Video: A New Ending for Ralph’s Rescue Video

From Annie Hart @ Bill Foundation:

So, this video is how I met Eldad and WHY I got so involved in dog rescue… However, it has a new ending never been seen before! Especially for everyone who has asked, “What happened to Ralph?” I was just a new volunteer at Bill Foundation the first time I saw the. . .

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The Most Misguided Dog “Charity” Event Ever?

Just what every dog wants: surfing lessons. Right?
Photo via

What if I told you that a British company was going to raise $10,000 to be split between two charities: Cancer Research U.K. and Battersea Dogs Home. You’d think it was great, right? But here’s the kicker: that $10K is going to be raised by selling a $73,000 vacation for a dog! Something called the. . .

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