Photos: A Beautiful Story of Two Emaciated Dogs Transformed by Love

Emmy and Oscar went from scared and starving to happy and healthy in just a few weeks.
Photos via Trio Animal Foundation

A wonderful article on The Dodo tells the story of Oscar and Emmy, two dogs who were found in an abandoned Chicago building two months ago. According to folks at Trio Animal. . .

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Petfinder: Parvo Puppy ICU

How would you feel about sharing a room with this funny-looking guy?
Photo by Austin Pets Alive!

Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease. With many of the symptoms of flu in humans, puppies and young dogs who have not been vaccinated are most highly at risk. And if catching this nasty bug wasn’t bad enough, the most common treatment for puppies in shelters is euthanasia. No wonder the little fella above looks none too happy….

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Rescued from a Puppy Mill, Harley is the 2015 American Hero Dog

It’s been an incredible journey for brave Harley.
Photo via American Humane Association

For 10 years, Harley suffered life in a puppy mill before he was rescued and given much-needed veterinary care. He is missing an eye, has deformed legs, and his teeth have been. . .

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Petfinder: Some Dogs Just Need a Job

Pepper being charming
Photo by Catahoula Rescue of New England

Pepper is a little Blue Heeler who was lucky enough to be saved by the kindness of the Catahoula Rescue of New England with some help from an Orvis Customer Matching Grant to the Petfinder Foundation.

It was the night before Pepper was to be put down at a rural shelter in Louisiana when the good folks at Catahoula learned of his plight….

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Video: Saving Pups from “Dead Dog Beach”

A team of volunteers is dedicated to rehoming the abandoned dogs of Puerto Rico.
Photo via

Here’s a powerful story from Puerto Rico, where a particular beach in the town of Yabucoa has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. But the volunteer organization The Sato. . .

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