Podcast: Tips for Finding Stripers, with Capt. Aron Cascone

This big striper exploded on a baitfish fly just a few feet off Capt. Aron Cascone’s rod tip.
All photos by Sandy Hays

This week, I interview Capt. Aron Cascone of Westerly, Rhode Island, for his tips to help anglers on foot find striped bass along the New England Coast. He then discusses choosing the right fly, the . . .

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Story and Photos: Going to Albie School

Albie School student Morgan Shulda (center) shares his albie with Capt. Aron Cascone (left) and Cynthia Harkness.
Photos by Tom Rosenbauer

I’ve had a long history with a fish called the little tunny or false albacore. Younger New England fly fishers are amazed that, when I started fly-fishing in salt water in the late 1970s, we did not . . .

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Pro Tips: Making the Most of the Cinder-Worm “Hatch” for Big Stripers

Written by: Capt. Aron Cascone, Constant Angler

Big bass sip worms from the surface when the hatch is really on.
Photo courtesy Capt. Aron Cascone

In Rhode Island, the cinder worm emergence–some anglers call it a “hatch”–sure took its time getting started this season. The switch finally got flipped in a big way on May13th. There are now plenty of stripers and an abundance of worms to keep. . .

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It’s Cinder-Worm Season on the Muddy Striper Flats!

An anglers shows off a worm-eating schoolie bass, while a nicer fish feeds in the background.
Photo courtesy Orvis-endorsed guide Capt. Aron Cascone.

If you’re a fly angler in the Northeast, you know that we are sitting smack dab in the middle of prime time for some of the best hatches of the year. But one unique “hatch” that is. . .

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Photos of the Day: Autumn Albie Action with Aron

Written by: Peter Kutzer

Orvis-endorsed guide Elliott Jenkins (left) and Pete show off a double.
All photos courtesy Peter Kutzer

Last month, I had the chance to head out with my friend Aron Cascone, of Constant Angler, to chase false albacore off Point Judith, on the coast of Rhode Island. The fish were up. . .

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Photos of the Day: Sight-Fishing for Stripers in Rhode Island

This big striper exploded on a baitfish fly just a few feet off Capt. Aron Cascone’s rod tip.
All photos by Sandy Hays

I spent last week on vacation on the coast of Rhode Island, sharing a big beach house with a bunch of high-school buddies and their families. It was a spectacular time, and I even got to sneak off for a day of fishing, along with one of those old friends, photographer Sandy Hays. Months earlier, Capt. Aron Cascone had invited me to check out his unique flats fishery on Ninigret Pond, a tidal estuary in Charlestown, so I decided to. . .

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Photos of the Day: Block Island Beast of a Striped Bass

A dreary day produces little sight-fishing but plenty of big stripers on the prowl.
Photos courtesy Peter Laurelli

New York angler Peter Laurelli’s annual “Surf and Inshore Fly Fishing” videos have been a huge hit on Orvis News. (Click here to see the videos for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.) Last week, he sent us these great images, along with a note: . . .

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