Russian River: Restoring Endangered Salmon

Endangered coho salmon returning to the Russian River, California Photo by Nick Bauer
By Deborah Seiler and Mariska Obedzinski The Russian River watershed once supported tens of thousands of coho salmon, attracting anglers from around the world. By the end of the last century, their numbers had dwindled. . .
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Western Environmental Law Center: Protecting Wild Fish

A Beautiful School of Chinook Salmon Photo by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Orvis Guest Blog By Pete Frost, Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center Protecting Wild Fish in Partnership with Orvis “Salmon ran in runs so thick you couldn’t see the bottoms of rivers, so thick people were afraid to put their boats in for fear they would capsize, so thick they would keep people awake at night with the slapping of their tails against the water, so thick you could hear the runs for miles before you could see them.”—Derrick Jensen This scene —a West Coast stream teeming with wild salmon—was once commonplace. But now, everything has changed....
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